Smart 5 CD's to Play Tennis Better Match Day

Tennis Audio Series for more match victories!

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- For ALL levels of play -

Get psyched up for tennis victories! Tennis Videos are good but with Audio CD's you can listen to tennis lessons on the way to your next match!!!


TENNIS LESSON IN COMPACT DISC FORM Tennis tips that really helps you win more matches.
TIP TO PERFORM LIKE A CHAMPION Tennis instruction on CD that increase tennis skills for all levels.
Play your best on match day Tennis advice that's practical and usable right away.
Tennis Tips Tennis lessons worth hundreds of dollars for not much money at all!

Each one hour CD is packed with 16 to 19 (depending on which CD you purchase) lessons that will make your ability to win matches soar. Each tip is worth the price of one private lesson making the cd price of $14.95 worth hundreds of dollars in private lessons. Learn what the Pro's know, hear what the better club players won't tell you. These CDs are better than private instruction because you can play them over and over until the practical advice takes hold and rewires your brain for top performance. It's one thing to hit a ball over a net, but quite another to do it when it counts. Learn how to transform your technique into winning ways. Order Your CDs Now!

Read some of the tips that are on these CDs right now. The 5 one hour cd titles of the Tennis Instruction Audio Series says it all:

tennis instruction Match Play - Click here for free Tennis Instruction Sample
tip Performing Under Pressure - Click here for free Exerpts
lessons High Percentage Tennis - Click here for free Exerpts
instruction Rising Through The Ranks - Click here for free Tennis Tips
tips Competitive Junior Tennis - Click here for free Exerpts

At 5'5" 140 lb Michael Harvey has reached the highest levels of tennis, not with brawn but with brains! You have to have that something extra upstairs to win as often as he has. Read more about his well respected knowledge in his biography, all about the author, but suffice it to say he's been tapped by players at every level for his incredible understanding of the game. His Smart Tennis Audio Series has been incredibly popular in audio cassette form since 1991 and now, finally, has been converted into instructional CDs for your learning pleasure. Take advantage right away! Order Your CDs Now!

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