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- The Tips on these CD's are for ALL levels of play -

The diminutive (5’5”, 150 lb) Michael Harvey has succeeded at every level, not with brawn but with an unparalleled understanding of the game.  Through his "Smart Tennis! Audio Series" he transmits this knowledge to you!  9 times ranked #1 in Georgia, many times nationally ranked in singles twice reaching top ten status, coached on the ATP tour 1985-1986 including Wimbledon and the US Open, trained two National Junior Champions, Coached the Gold Medal winning United States Women’s Tennis Team at the 13th Maccabiah Games, and was’s “Coach of the Week.”  This is the one series of instruction you'll be sure to pass on to those below you (because you know they will never catch you!) ... but never to your equals!

Match Play

Performing Under Pressure

High Percentage Tennis

Rising Through The Ranks

Competitive Junior Tennis

Match Play:  Whether you're a highly ranked tournament player or local league participant you will have to deal with every topic covered on this CD sooner or later.  Better to take the advice of those who have covered the ground before you and know the best ways to find the route to victory.  "Winning is everything" is for winners, "Image is everything" is for those selling cameras, and "It's how you play the game that counts" is for those who lose a lot.  You can win more than you ever have, playing within the rules and with good etiquette, and gain the respect of all your opponents if you follow these amazing tips.  Free Tips Exerpts  Total running time 59:16.  Order CD's Now!

  1. Introduction

  2. Disarming Your Opponent
  3. Finding A Way To Win
  4. A Weapon Of Your Own
  5. Match Rhythms
  6. Knowing The Rules
  1. Pre-Match Preparations

  2. Eliminating Nerves
  3. How To Avoid Choking
  4. Match Etiquette - “Legal War”
  5. Talking During Matches
  1. Settling Disputes

  2. Bad Line Calls
  3. Going for Everything
  4. Playing Hard All The Time
  5. Don’t Give Up

" Wow!  I won a tough match right after my first review of 'Match Play' and have been pulling out the tough ones ever since.  Each time I listen, more and more sinks in.  Thank you, Michael Harvey. " 
                                                                                 - - - James Hodgins, Irvine, California, League Competitor

Performing Under Pressure:  Practice day you are a terror, but match day you fall apart.  You never seem to have that great win you know you deserve and, worse, sometimes you suffer embarrassing defeats.  What's up with that!  Technically and tactically you have the juice.  Emotionally you are a wimpering little puppy.  You are up and down, all over the place at any given moment, a powder keg ready to ignite.  If you marinate in the philosophies of this CD not only will you play your best tennis more often but you may even earn the nickname "Ice."  Free Tips Exerpts  Total running time 1:03:27.  Order CD's Now!

  1. Introduction

  2. Going For Challenges
  3. Three Levels Of Play
  4. Playing Better From Poor
  5. Playing Better From Good
  6. Maintaining Great Play
  1. Watch The Ball Under Pressure

  2. Playing With A Lead
  3. Keys To Success
  4. Tricks To Success
  5. Playing With Audiences
  6. Good Luck & Bad Luck
  1. Never Missing

  2. 3-Speed Game
  3. Return Of Serve
  4. Passing Shots
  5. Lobbing

" Michael Harvey has a way of articulating in one sentence what my Pro has been trying to hammer in for months.  The power and impact of each insight directly affected my success on the court.  I listen, listen, and re-listen to my CD's over and over on the way to my matches and can't believe that I keep learning.
                                                        - - - Barbara Helkowski, Huntington, New York, Top State Ranked Player

High Percentage Tennis:  It's amazing how well some people hit the ball after hours and hours of lessons and drill sessions yet they don't know the first thing about the dynamics of strategy and tactics or the basic geometry of the tennis court!  The game was set up so that each person must hit over an obstacle and into a target area.  How can you increase your ODDS of doing that?  You need to know what's explained in this CD or forever be "behind the eight ball."  There are many easy tips in this CD that will take your finely trained game to an entirely new level.  Free Tips Exerpts  Total running time 59:04.  Order Now!

  1. Introduction

  2. Friends With The Net
  3. Three Priorities Of Tennis
  4. Hit Higher For Depth
  5. Drilling Past The Service Line
  6. Attack Using Approach Shot
  7. Three Shots To Never Miss
  1. Return Of Serve

  2. Depth On Volleys
  3. The “Art” Of Poaching
  4. High Percentage Strategy– Singles
  5. High Percentage Strategy– Doubles
  6. Targets
  1. Hitting Opponents

  2. Hitting Through The Middle
  3. Hitting A Lob
  4. Australian Formation
  5. Alley Shots
  6. Strategy Review

" The combination of Knowledge and Communication Skills makes Michael Harvey unique in his field.  He cuts to the heart and makes simple what previously seemed impossible.  I instantly improved my game but realize more and more, as time goes by, how potent his advice has been. 
                                                                         - - - Kenneth Block, PhD, Atlanta, Georgia, League Competitor

Rising Through The Ranks:  This is the most under appreciated CD in the series.  It's ordered the least but it is the author's favorite in the group.  It is also consistently the favorite of all teaching Pros who comment that they've materialized more income from what the insights of this CD than any course of "how to teach tennis" anywhere.  For B and C players this CD is a MUST.  If an A player is making any one of these mistakes they are DOOMED.  For the price of $14.95 this is a CD that should not be missed!  Free Tennis Tips Exerpts  Total running time 1:00:43.  Order CD's Now!

  1. Level Differences

  2. Watching The Ball
  3. Reacting To The Ball
  4. Moving To The Ball
  5. Recovering After Hitting
  6. Running
  1. Attitudes

  2. Concentration & Composure
  3. More Concentration & Composure
  4. Strategy
  5. Awareness
  6. Anticipation
  1. Time

  2. Who Play Ad — Who Plays Deuce
  3. Playing With Lefties
  4. Emotions
  5. Striving To Be The Best

" As a Nationally ranked Player, Michael Harvey is a Master at finding a way to win.  Tactics are his forte.  He knows how to strategically dismantle any opponent.  I've won more matches after I thought I was dead than I can believe after reviewing this audio series of CD's.
                                                       - - - Colin Smith, Atlanta, Georgia, USPTA Registered Tennis Professional

Competitive Junior Tennis:  So you think your child is the next superstar Champion?  Of course, along with a million other parents!  This CD is jam packed with advice for both parents and children to make your competitive tennis experience the best it can be.  It will help you avoid the pitfalls all parents and kids have made before you.  Intentions are always good but how you carry out those intentions can be either devastating or a positive growth experience regardless of the actual wins and losses.  This CD is THE PRIMER for all serious junior tennis competitors and, who knows, you just might have the next superstar Champion.  Free Tennis Tips Exerpts  Total running time 1:03:44.  Order CD's Now!

  1. Being Reasonable

  2. The “Plodder” vs “The Athlete”
  3. Burn-Out
  4. Choosing A Tennis Pro
  5. Developing Internal Motivation
  6. Parental Coaching
  1. Roles Of Child, Parents, Coaches

  2. Setting Goals
  3. Building Confidence
  4. Practice Routines
  5. Practice Routines Continued
  6. Lesson Homework
  1. Positive Learning Attitudes

  2. How Parents Can Help Most
  3. Choosing Equipment
  4. Tournament Experiences
  5. Split-Set Rest Periods

" Michael Harvey's understanding of Junior Tennis in all it's facets is unmatched.  He's been through it all, at all levels, and this CD should be required listening for all Juniors and their Parents who want to have the fullest and best experiences.
                                                                 - - - Robert Golin, Cooper City, Florida, Orange Bowl Quarterfinalist

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