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Excerpted from "Performing Under Pressure"
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TENNIS LESSON   Chapter #2 - Three Levels of Play

TENNIS INSTRUCTIONPlaying smart tennis means making a definite choice between looking good and losing or looking bad and winning.  If looking good is your primary goal, these tennis CD's won't help you.  If winning is your primary goal, these CD's will help immeasurably.

Having established that winning is your primary goal, you must now understand and accept that you will play great tennis only one-third of the time, you'll be playing good tennis one third of the time, and you'll probably play poor tennis one-third of the time.  This is a very normal ratio.

Anybody can win when they're playing great tennis.  There's no trick to that.  But finding a way to win when you're playing poorly is a trick that can bring some of your most satisfying victories.  Winning while playing poorly is a challenge you must be willing to meet.  Players who don't accept these three levels of play as part of reality are doomed to frustration and failure.

I've seen many tennis players lose winnable matches because they felt they were playing poorly, and they simply gave up.  Some players, if they aren't playing great tennis, they also give up. They get embarrassed when they miss an easy shot, and rather than be challenged to play better, they go into the tank.

You must accept as part of the game and part of the challenge that on any given day you will be playing on any one of these three levels. And finding a way to win, regardless of how you are playing that day, is the ultimate goal that you can master!

All good players assess how they are playing at the start of a tennis match and work to be playing better by the end of the tennis match.  Most people don't do this.  They expect to play great tennis every time out and are disappointed two-third's of the time.

If you can raise a poor tennis game up to fair, then terrific.  Fair may be enough to win that day.  And if you lose, at least you can bring away from the match that even though you were playing poorly you were able to lift your game somewhat by the end of the day.  If you are playing good tennis, try to lift your game to great, and if you are playing great tennis, just maintain your concentration and ENJOY!

TENNIS TIP   Chapter 3 - Playing Better From Poor

I would like to give you some tennis tips now on how to play better from poor&ldots;.

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